Welcome to VaxNation!

VaxNation is your portal for scheduling, tracking, and spreading awareness about immunizations. Join us in the movement to help vaccinate the nation and prevent disease!


What Does VaxNation Offer?

  • - Easy to use, customized immunization tracking and record keeping.
  • - Clinic locator to easily help locate where to get vaccines and plan your visit.
  • - Immunization statistics to see how others are doing locally and nationally with proper vaccinations.
  • - Information on the latest up to date guidelines for immunization recommendations.
  • - Facebook integration for easy login and sharing with your social network!
  • - Referral tracking to the see the impact you are having in the community when you share with your social network.
  • - Extensive administrative controls to easily add new immunizations, update schedules, and customize a schedule tailored to your immunization needs
  • - Leaderboards with contests and prizes for earning referrals and positively affecting the community
  • - Automatic E-Mail reminders when you need to update a vaccination- don’t worry about missing another important immunization for you or your family!

That’s Great! But How Much Does VaxNation Cost?

VaxNation is free! We want everyone to be able to access the information quickly and easily- whether you are traveling overseas and need your vaccination records or have just lost that paper copy from the doctor’s office for the 10th time. All we ask is that you spread the word and promote getting immunizations on time.

And So Much More Coming Soon!

Features in development:

  • - Mobile access, coming (very) soon at http://mobile.vaxnation.org
  • - Adding calendar events like going to college or traveling abroad to auto-populate your immunization schedule
  • - Additional scheduling tools to help you if you miss a step or meet other characteristics for immunizations
  • - Mobile Alerts to remind you of your upcoming vaccinations
  • - And much more!